WHY Entrepreneurship???

WHY Entrepreneurship???

When I started my journey to become an entrepreneur, I don’t even know the correct spelling of it. I think people quit there job because they get passionate with this entrepreneurship IDEA, Be your own boss, become rich quickly, start hated there current organisation boss, get bored with routine job, bla bla.. But what I feel like this is something which is jumping into unknown world with GUTS. Risking your well settled job is not something very cool idea to go with unless you do really feel you have vision to make it reality and can take that extra step which very less people able to dare. Its not everyone cup of tea because we have set our mindset and by society, relatives, friends to settle in stable job, earn good income, relaxed life, settle abroad, etc rather than jumping into unkown, come out of our comfort zone, taking risk, building our own kingdom, become wealthy not rich.

If we decide to get on Entrepreneurship Path then we should make our mind up to:

– Believe in your dreams

– Believe in people and respect there opinion

– It’s not about money, its about journey. We should Enjoy it even working round the clock and work when everyone sleep. No fixed sleep or awake time.

– Accept failures and improve every time

– Breaking comfort zone of your and yours team mates with ease rather than making panic situation

– Simplify things rather than making it complicated. Big XLS, reports, presentation SUCKS. Become precise and more effective. E=mc²

– Being a NICE human being is more important than become FAKE successful manager: This is BIG problem in most of the organisation where management want to crush the team mates opinions and wanted to do whatever they wanted to. Most of the cases team get pissed of with such situations. No one like micromanagement, you gotta trust your people and give then liberty to breath also. A leader should stand with you rather against when things are not in favour. You should interact with all your team more often and not only with rockstar performers only.

– People are AWESOME: Its People who make any business successful, an individual can’t do everything alone. In process of becoming a great entrepreneur it’s necessary to understand that our team is most valuable than anything else. If we have great team then success comes to you naturally.

– Never start Entrepreneurship for shake of money, You will fail for sure. Focus should be your vision.

– Hardwork, Commitment and Execution is more important than Talent, Experience, and Idea !!

– Enjoy what you do, don’t rush for success or try hard to prove anyone. Whatever you do should be extremely top notch quality to get noticed in crowd.

**This is my personal opinion and learning!! Hear everyone but listen to your inner voice only

written by Satyajeet Deo (Founder & CEO DLSPL)


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