Eating fruits can help lose weight

Juicing is being promoted by many as a useful strategy for weight loss. But for those who have undergone surgical weight loss, the trend of extracting the liquid from produce, can pose many risks. “Juicing in general reduces the fiber content and therefore decreases the feeling of fullness gained by eating fresh, crisp fruits and […]

Want to lose weight? Avoid these foods

Every food that we eat has different nutritional value in our body. While some foods can do wonder in shedding those unwanted fats, some of them can help you add those much-needed pounds in no time. Here are some foods that you should avoid while on a diet: Sugar:¬†Sugar is the main culprit that makes […]

Want to quit smoking? Drink green tea!

Want to quit smoking? Drink green tea!

Drink green tea to get over the nicotine urge, say Chinese researchers — and this is a finding that medical professionals in Kerala have reacted positively to. A recent study titled `A Revolutionary Approach for the Cessation of Smoking`, published in Science China Life Sciences, a peer-reviewed open-access journal, cites how researchers used custom-developed cigarettes […]