Mantralaya fire: Big ticket scam files destroyed!

Mantralaya fire: Big ticket scam files destroyed!Mumbai: The massive fire at the Mantralaya may have been doused, but the Maharashtra government may find it difficult to quell murmurs suggesting a conspiracy behind the accident.

Sources told Zee News, Friday, important files relating to many scams were destroyed in the fire that engulfed top three floors of the seven-storey state secretariat that houses the offices of Chief Minister and his cabinet of ministers.

Among the files that are feared to have been charred are those related to the Rs 300 crore Pune Urban Land Ceiling (Regulation) Act (ULCRA) scam in which lakhs of square metre of land, which could have been used to house the poor, were allegedly ‘freed’ on the basis of bogus ULCRA orders and utilized for “private use”.

Also, files relating to irregularities in the irrigation department are believed to have turned into ashes. A recent study on irrigation projects across Maharashtra had exposed corruption to the tune of Rs26,000 crore in the sector in the last decade.

Files on disciplinary action on police officers are also said to be among those that were lost in the inferno.

There were reports in the media about destruction of crucial files related to the Adarsh housing scam, forcing Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan to issue a clarification that all files related to the matter are with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), hence safe.

Besides files, many computers holding important information were also gutted.

The Chief Minister, who is trying his best to appear earnest in attempting recovery, has announced that the state government will seek help from IT body Nasscom, cyber cell and even foreign experts to recover data from computer hard disks.

But real action would speak louder than words in days to come.


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