London 2012 The Indian contingent led by Sushil Kumar.

Olympic ceremony

The Indian contingent led by Sushil Kumar.

Olympic ceremony


Montage video of Olympic torch relay, from 1948 when the flame was brought to Wembley and it is again being brought back to the Olympic stadium through River Thames and guess who is the driver, DAVID BECKHAM.

Now a tribute to Sir Tim Bernes Lee, the creator of World Wide Web. His innovative thinking has changed the way we communicate for ever, and is reflected in the use of social media to arrange a Saturday night out. The story earlier depicted through characters Frankie and June.

It is a love story depicted through music from each decade.

Some funky groovy beats in now as Mum and Dad stay at home and watch TV, teenage son plays video games but the teenage girl – June – is getting ready to go out dancing. Music from 60s. 70s and 90s as Frankie chases June.

From official site of London Olympics, “Frankie and June say…

The story starts in an ordinary house – the kind of house in which most British people live. Our fictional family – played by non-professional volunteers, chosen from among our volunteers – is ready for Saturday night”.


Look who paid a visit, it is MR.BEAN

Olympic ceremony


It’s stopped raining so they will be underway in 20 minutes meanwhile the coverage of the opening ceremony on TV will be on in 15 minutes.

Twitterverse tweeting that the prologue has just finished and Danny Boyle is on stage.

Courtesy: Kevin McCallum ?@KevinMcCallum
The prologue has just about finished…Danny Boyle is on the stage…

Oh God! It just started to rain. This was not supposed to happen.

The Tweeteverse are abuzz but the coverage on TV is yet to start.

The Opening Ceremony prologue has begun on the Green and Pleasant Land!

We are just hours away from the opening of the biggest sporting extravaganza and to witness Danny Boyle’s ‘Isles of Wonder’ Olympic Opening Ceremony and here at you would able to catch all the live updates of the opening ceremony.

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There would sheeps, Paul McCartney, James bond and even a cricket match as Oscar award winning director Danny Boyle will present to the world a glimpse of England and a spectacle to match the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony.


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