Happy Environment Day

Happy Environment Day

This World Environment Day, Pledge To Say No To Plastic:

The idea is to avoid using plastic, especially one-time plastic items which end up in your garbage bin after one use. If we will stop using these plastic items, manufacturers will stop making it due to the decrease in demand and eventually, we’ll be free from plastic pollution. I know this will not happen over-night because surely we can do our bit today!

Other easy and simple ways to avoid pollution and help the environment are as follows:

  • Plant trees
  • Use electricity only when required and do turn off switches leaving the home
  • Print when required
  • Save water (Tip: You can reduce your bath time and yes, avoid using the bath-tubs, once in a while is okay but don’t use it regularly)
  • Use reusable items like cloth bags, wooden boxes, wood toothbrushes etc
  • Make use of public transport
  • Carry a water bottle with you when stepping out for work or traveling

Hope you’ll understand that it’s high time now we should take the responsibility. This is our planet, our home and we should keep it as much clean as possible.

Try sharing this article as much as you can & help create awareness.

Happy World Environment Day!

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