Girl`s night out – Rejoice of Life

Girl`s night out - Rejoice of Life
Girl`s night out – Rejoice of Life

The era of globalization has brought many concepts to the backdoor of India, which were alien to it. One of them is GIRLS NIGHT OUT. Traditionally the world of the women (married or unmarried) revolved around her family with no social activity. These women were least bothered about the outside world. The only social activity for them were household chores or upbringing their children. But with the voice of women’s equality going strong and many women being financially independent, the women are being engaged in gender-exclusive activity to celebrate their triumph in life.

GIRLS NIGHT OUT is a celebration where females after their whole week’s busy and exhausting schedule come together to live for the moment. It strictly means “men not allowed” which can also be deciphered as freedom from male domination. This concept is more recognized in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai than in other towns mainly due to the fact that women in these cities understand their rights. Today there are many pubs, restaurants, hotels etc. that offer various discounts by organizing parties for young teenage girls. Since girls create fewer nuisances, these parties are quite a hit among the organizers. Another advantage of girl’s night out is that girls feel much safer and secure in the company of other girls creating a sense of independence and pride. These parties are not just confined to hotels or restaurants, young girls organize pyjama party by inviting other fellow mates to their own houses which is another form of girl’s night out.

GIRLS NIGHT OUT is sometimes given a negative image which is wrong as it is the safest night with all female friends around, who just want to have a refreshing night out. A family can only teach their children values however unless a teenager is not allowed to socialize, she would remain ignorant about the fast moving world around her and girls night not allows her to socialize. Although GIRLS NIGHT OUT is not the only option to socialize but since today girls have little time to spend with their friends, all girls night out gives them a good option to revive their mood, share their sentiments and problems, creating ever-lasting bonding.

In India, societies are very closely knitted based on male domination that has restricted women to go out of the house. This old school thinking does not acknowledge freedom for girls. Night out is being translated in to short dress, liquor, drugs etc. which is nothing but ignorant thinking curtailing women’s freedom and equality from their male counterparts. There is nothing wrong if a girl wants to go out at night and have fun, if boys can then why to restrict girls. If a girl or women can hold the family together, she also has right to live her life on her own terms and conditions. Whether girls night out is must for a teenager or not – it depends on individual but atleast this gives an option to young girls to rejoice their life.


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