Apple’s new plans for iPhone, Siri, MacBooks leaked

Apple’s new plans for iPhone, Siri, MacBooks leaked
Apple’s new plans for iPhone, Siri, MacBooks leaked

Washington: Apple has planned to launch new features for its iPhone, and would introduce its popular voice recognition app Siri in iPad, according to a report.

The information leaked ahead of Apple”s Worldwide Developers Conference next week also suggested that the tech giant would release new MacBooks and 3D maps.
According to a 9 to 5 Mac report, Siri will make the move from iPhone to iPad, where it will be able to execute all commands except those relating to making calls.

Siri for iPad is expected to take up a small portion of the screen, overlapping whatever app is open at the time rather than the full screen version on the iPhone.

According to, while the iPhone 5 with a larger screen and thinner body is not expected to launch until October, Apple will reportedly announce a new operating system for iPhone and iPad at the San Francisco event next week.

The software, iOS 6, is expected to include Facebook integration, in a similar way that Twitter is currently integrated into the iOS 5 operating system.

9 to 5 Mac report also said Apple is also expected to replace Google Maps with its own maps app that will include 3D graphics.

According to the report, both the 11- and 13-inch models of the MacBook Air are also expected to get a visual makeover with Retina displays and performance upgrades.

The report also said that Apple’s desktop computing options, the iMac and Mac Pro will be updated.



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