Why This Birthday Is Special

While every moment of every day is precious, I am always extremely excited about August. August is my birthday month and this is always a time of deep reflection and appreciation in my life. Every year I pause and think about how far I have come, how blessed I am and all the lessons that I have learned on my journey. I believe every year of life brings blessings, lessons and experiences that shape me profoundly and empower me to live a more authentic life. Every birthday is special; however, this birthday is extra special to me. I have embraced life at another level and have discovered a level of freedom that I never knew was possible before. I’m obsessed with mastering this thing called life.

1. I have been blessed to have amazing new experiences. I believe that our experiences are powerful. In fact, I always say that our experiences are the catalyst to our evolution. I have been blessed to do meaningful work that impacts people all around the world. Through my work I have been able to connect with amazing people that share my same passion for life and becoming the greatest expression of who we were created to be. These relationships have taught me amazing lessons about life, courage and living fearless. I’m thankful for these relationships because they have provoked me to keep growing and inspired me to pursue new heights of success.

2. I have found deeper contentment in my life. I believe one of the greatest enemies to change in our lives is a lack of contentment. In our covetous society, we are obsessed with having more. I call it the shiny object syndrome. We are never content and we are always craving something else to make us feel complete and alive. What I know now is that contentment can only come from living a centered life. When you live in the center of your calling you can be content no matter what the conditions of your life look like. I have come to a place in my life where I can find a cause for celebration no matter what the circumstance looks like. It is a profound tool that constantly empowers me to thrive and never get trapped by a circumstance. Contentment is in the DNA of every champion.

3. I have become completely comfortable living an authentic life. Authenticity has become such a buzz word around the world. I speak with leaders all the time and everyone talks about authenticity. What my years of work in leadership development have taught me is that authenticity is much easier to talk about than demonstrate. We live in a culture that celebrates conformity and blending in. However, I came to a point in my journey where I was tired of conforming to what the status quo was doing. I wanted to break out and become the best version of myself. While it is never easy to break through cultural norms and biases, it was the greatest decision I have ever made. I found my sweet spot and built a brand of authenticity that people around the world resonate with. I stopped living for an audience and started living authentically.

4. I have broken through the barriers that were holding me back. While I have experienced a lot of success in my life that has not always been the case. In fact, for a long time I was in my own way and a lot of it had to do with my toxic thinking. I made a decision to transform my thoughts and it revolutionized my life. A lot of people claim to have come out of certain situations and circumstances in their lives. However, what I have learned from personal experience is that you are not free until your mind is free. The reason this birthday is different is because I have broken through barriers and shattered limitations that impeded my progress and robbed me of success. I am steeping through incredible doors of opportunity and manifesting my goals because the barriers are gone. Your thoughts determine the traction of your life. Your progress begins with your psychology.


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