Why Is Sugar Bad For Us, And Why Is It Everywhere?

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Sugar: it’s in everything we eat, we love it, and it’s absolutely killing us. Deaths from type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease have all been linked to sugar intake, and yet our national consumption has never been higher. Thank goodness we had nutrition expert and bestselling author Cynthia Sass on the show to help navigate us through this sugar nightmare.

One of the reasons we still have so many problems with sugar is because we underestimate its power- no longer does sugar simply rot our teeth. According to Cynthia, sugar can have a disastrous affects on your immune system, causing an “increase in inflammation” that can snowball into deadly issues. This kind of inflammation is a “known trigger of premature aging”, and can be found in almost every disease on the planet.

The real enemy in this crisis is added sugar. Added sugars can be found in expected places, such as sweet drinks and cakes, and in unexpected places, like breads, crackers, condiments, even salad dressings. The prevalence of sugar in most foods is no joke – “We are consuming more sugar than we ever have in human history,” says Cynthia – around four pounds per person each month! That’s 22 teaspoons per person, per day!

This is a far cry from what how much we should be eating. “Women should be having about 6 teaspoons a day, at the maximum,” suggests Cynthia, “while men, who generally have a higher caloric intake, should be having 9 teaspoons a day maximum.” A teaspoon is generally equivalent to a single-use sugar packet – just imagine eating 22 of those in a day! Who knows, maybe you already have?

Watch my full interview with Cynthia Sass here.

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