Why Dreaming Will Only Get You So Far

In 2008, I had a dream of helping women heal the issues with their body image and enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In the mean time, I was still thirty pounds overweight and severely addicted to food. When I graduated from the program in 2009, I was still overeating. I actually gained weight during my time at IIN, but I was starting to understand that if I ever wanted to feel at home in my body, I needed to start living the life I thought being thin was going to give me.

So I quit my secure job with no savings, no clients lined up and thirty pounds to lose. I didn’t think, I just knew what I wanted and did it.

One night, Jonathan and I were needing a night out. We were living off Jonathan’s medical school loans and credit, and when we checked our bank account, we barely had any money left to get us till the end of the month. We could’ve easily freaked out and started talking about me going back to work, since it had been almost a year since I quit, and I hadn’t made much money, but we knew we just had to keeping going.

We put together a small but stylish dinner at our 300 square foot studio with ingredients we had in our tiny refrigerator, and then we got dressed up in our best outfits, me in a formal dress, Jonathan in a suit, and we strolled around the block and back to our apartment, imagining we were going out to eat.

To this day it’s still one of the most wonderful nights of our lives.

Looking at where we are now, I’m so thankful I took that huge risk. Now with careers we love, an incredible life and a growing family, we have so much to be thankful for.

And I know it’s because instead of fantasizing, we decided to take some risk and just do it. Rationality is overrated.

I know a lot of women who’ve been creating a business, dreaming about their own clothing line or writing a song in their head.

And when a flicker of an opportunity comes knocking they think…

• I don’t have enough money
• No one knows me
• I’m not confident enough
• I’m not thin enough

The list goes on and on….

So we keep ourselves busy with all of these fillers: jobs we hate, people we don’t really like, diet programs that don’t really work and make us hate ourselves.

We keep telling ourselves that this is just “part of life” and we’ll get there one day.

I’m going to be real with you: If that’s your approach, it’s never going to happen. I say hop over the journey and get right to the point. What is something you want? Do you want to create? What do you want to do? DO IT!

• Get a loan
• Ask your friends to get involved
• Kick out the people you don’t like
• Get the help you need Today

If you want to be surrounded by doers, and start Living More click here to sign up for my free online workshop to help you get out of Body Jail and start living your life today. Body Jail is a non-diet approach to Live More, Weigh Less and Feel Amazing In Your Body NOW.

And in the comments below, I want to know what are you going to make happen today?

Can’t wait to hear it and cheer you on!



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