Watch Every Manmade Nuclear Explosion From 1945 To The Present Day

Since the US detonated the first atomic bomb during the historic Trinity test there have been a staggering 2053 nuclear explosions on the planet Earth.

These tests have range from atmospheric explosions to underground detonations and have remarkably been carried out by just eight nations.

To help visualise what the Earth looks like during this period, the audio and visual artists Orbital Mechanics came up with a clever video that travels through time showing each explosion, its radius and the name of the test associated with it.

What they do show is the sheer breadth of the explosions that have taken place from the ‘small’ Trinity Test which measured just 20 kilotons to the world’s largest nuclear explosion ‘Tsar Bomba’, detonated by the USSR.

With a destructive power over 1,500 times greater than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Tsar Bomba created a fireball nearly 8 kilometres wide, while the aircraft that dropped it needed to be 45km away to safely escape the shockwave.

Despite that this gargantuan weapon reportedly shattered glass windows over 500 miles away.

Nuclear testing officially stopped in 1996 when the United States became the first nation to sign the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.


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