Vice Launches ‘Female-Focused’ Channel Called Broadly

Vice is going after the burgeoning community of young feminists online. 

On Monday, the outlet launched Broadly, a “female-focused” channel that will cover a broad swath of topics with a feminist slant.

“New media has been a game-changer for feminism — its appeal is palpable. We can no longer be told that it’s not relevant or that we’re just imagining things,” Broadly Editor-in-Chief Tracie Egan Morrissey writes in an editor’s note on the channel’s launch. “Now is the time to elevate the coverage of women’s interests by telling the stories that matter to us through in-depth, original reporting and documentary video.”

Among the channel’s inaugural pieces is an investigation into cyberattacks on Planned Parenthood, a history of the fedora and an explainer on queefing (look it up). The site also features a daily column about all things pot-related, released at 4:20 Eastern time each day.

In addition to features and opinion columns, Broadly launches with several video series:

Ovary Action is a groundbreaking series exploring all angles of reproductive health, giving viewers up-to-date information on anything and everything related to the mechanics of being a woman, from the latest in fertility technology to reproductive-rights legislation.

Broadly Meets is a provocative interview show for today’s generation, digging into the lives of our favorite stars and world-changing women to really see what makes them tick and what inspires them.

Style and Error makes the high-end, aspirational elements of the fashion industry more accessible by getting super deep with the superficial. Segments present an interesting juxtaposition of personalities and create candid moments in an industry that’s typically so staged.

“We aren’t going to hold our breath and wait for mainstream outlets to meet our expectations,” Morrissey said in a statement. “We’re just going to do it ourselves.”

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