Tube Strike August 2015: Best iPhone And Android Travel Apps To Beat The Chaos

The August Tube Strike is now definitely going ahead which means that from 18:30 on Wednesday 5 August until Thursday 6 August there will be no service on all lines.

Union members are embroiled in a bitter row over plans for all-night weekend Tubes which are due to begin from 12 September.

That row has now reached its second strike after an early walkout in July caused chaos across London.

The fact remains that millions of us are expecting the worst when trying to get home this evening.

Don’t panic though. Sure, it may take you a little longer to get into work but there’s help on hand to either make it bearable, or at least not as traumatic as it would be if you didn’t plan ahead.


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These are the best apps for beating the Tube strike, ranging from giving you alternative forms of transport (bus, bicycle, boat and car), to even helping you find the quickest way to walk.

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