To All The Women ‘Who Don’t Give A F**k’

Janne Robinson is here to honor the women who simply don’t give a f**k. 

The poet and writer is empowering women to take back their narratives in her new spoken word poem “This Is For The Women Who Don’t Give A F**k.” Robinson originally wrote the poem in 2014, but recently adapted it in a new video as a spoken word performance. The video features 18 women, including Robinson, reciting different lines of the poem. 

The result is a powerful reminder to women everywhere that we can do whatever we set our hearts to — no matter what. 

“This is for the women who don’t give a f**k,” the poem begins. “This is for the women who are first to get naked, howl at the moon and jump into the sea.”

Robinson goes on to honor all women in her poem: 

“This is for the women who seek relentless joy… the women who know their worth, plant their feet and roar in their brilliance.” 

“The women who wear combat boots and frilly skirts.” 

Who don’t give a damn about pleasing the world and do sweetly as they wish.” 

“The women who know love is not about gender and love who they wish.” 

Towards the end of her poem, Robinson says, “These are the women that I want around me.”

Robinson spoke with The Huffington Post about why she wrote the poem. “The words that poured out into this poem, now video, are about all the women in my life who empower and inspire me,” she said. “It is not written about one woman — it is written about many.”

Head over to Robinson’s website to read more about her work.  

Also on The Huffington Post: 

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