Tips To Prepare Yourself For An Interview If You Have Anxiety Attacks

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Anxiety affects us all in different ways. For ABC news Anchor Dan Harris, secretly living with anxiety finally took its toll the form of a severe panic attack – on live TV. We were thrilled to have Dan come by and share his story, but even more thrilled to learn from him what we can do about our own issues with panic and anxiety.

Doctor’s Orders

We never know exactly when our next anxiety attack will occur, but certain setting will definitely trigger our nerves more than others. Some stressful circumstances, like a job interview, will almost guarantee some type of panic reaction. So how should we respond to these signs?

If the flareups are predictable, Dan suggest seeking out a doctor. If you’re predicting you’ll have panic, then experiencing it, you may be in a “self-reinforcing cycle”, a trap where your thoughts are feeding the panic, and vice versa.

But while the problem may seem completely mental, that isn’t always the case – panic and anxiety are “neurochemical” issues, and a doctor should be sought out to help with a proper diagnosis. “Doctors have access to everything from medications to meditations to cognitive behavioral therapy,” suggest Dan. While meditation was the answer for him, he acknowledges that there are “lots of things professionals can do to break the cycle.”

Watch the rest of the interview with Dan Harris here.

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