Tips On How To Overcome A Sugar Addiction

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Sugar: it’s in everything we eat, we love it, and it’s absolutely killing us. Deaths from type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease have all been linked to sugar intake, and yet our national consumption has never been higher. Thank goodness we had nutrition expert and bestselling author Cynthia Sass on the show to help navigate us through this sugar nightmare.

After sitting down with Cynthia and realizing how much sugar we actually do eat, I think we need to face the facts – we’re all addicted to sugar in one way or another. Even if we’re just coming to terms with the level of our addiction, the proof is in the pudding – literally (18 grams per cup – almost hitting the 25 gram suggested daily limit for women!). I know how hard it is to say goodbye to the things we love, and while I’ll dearly miss cake and diet soda, I’m glad Cynthia was able to offer some great tips on overcoming our addictions.

Know Your Personality
Cynthia thinks it’s crucial that not everyone goes about overcoming their addictions in the same way. “For some people,” she admits, “it may be better just going cold turkey, and completely getting rid of all the sugar in a diet.” If this seems like your speed, try subbing out all your processed or artificially sweetened food for clean, fresh, whole foods. If change feels comfortable as a more gradual process, maybe your step to overcoming your addiction is a more gentle weaning. “Too much, too soon, can lead to heightened cravings and a possible binge response” warns Cynthia.

Best Way To Eat Well
The best way to be in charge of your diet (and wallet!) is to prepare as much food as you can yourself. Instead of using a store-bought sauce with added sugar, try making one from scratch. See how your body (and taste buds) react. Your palette may be happier than you might expect!

Watch my full interview with Cynthia Sass here.

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