There’s A Reason Why Indie Bookstores Are Thriving

Also, just the feeling of wandering. Actually, I have this problem a lot when it comes to music. I don’t listen to CDs anymore, because my husband is more technologically advanced than I am. He has his music very well organized, and on his cloud-whatever, but I no longer get to flip through my music to see what I have. I’ve forgotten what I like to listen to. I can’t remember anything if I can’t see it. And that’s how I feel about bookstores. When you walk through a bookstore, you’re reminded of things that you love, and you see a cover that looks amazing, of a book you’ve never heard of by a person you’ve never heard of, and you pick it up and you flip it over and you read what it’s about and maybe you buy it. And that doesn’t really happen online. You can’t just fall into something. You can’t pick a book off the shelf and read the first five pages of it and know that you’re going to fall in love. Or, you can’t pick up a book that everyone else has read and loved, and read the first page and know that it’s garbage and that you don’t want to read it.

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