The Number 1 Question You Must Answer Before Selling Anything… Ever!

I remember getting a sales call recently, and, yes, they still annoy me. “Mr. Davis, we have a great deal to tell you about!” the caller said with extraordinary excitement. There was only one slight problem: I did not know who this person was or what he was selling.

You could approach me and try to sell me ice cream, but, if I don’t know you chances are I am going to tell you to go kick rocks. If you do know me you know there is one question you have to have the answer for me and any other potential client or customer who is waiting for you…


That’s right.

When someone walks into a car dealership, retail store, or any other outlet, they generally know exactly what they want, and most of the time they want it right then. Selling virtual things or things virtually tends to complicate this process a bit.

If you are selling something online, you must absolutely, without a doubt answer the question “What’s in it for me?” before you attempt selling anything to anyone.

One of my favorite influencers Andy Andrews once said, “Focus on helping someone first, the money and sales will follow as a consequence of helping others.” Genius. Absolutely genius. Why didn’t I think of this before? We must grasp the need to develop genuine relationships first, answer this number one question and then provide a resource for meeting the need at hand.

You can be successful today, tomorrow and next week in sales. You can increase your sales by focusing on answering this one question; What’s in it for me?

You may be wondering, “How do I determine what is important to them?” I am glad you asked.

I am going to release to you a top secret answer, but only if you are ready. Are you ready?

Ask them.

Ask them questions. Find out what motivates them and what they are looking for. If you are selling cars or a physical product or any other product in a store, obviously you can ask them face-to-face. If you are not in front of them, it would be a great idea to conduct a survey on your site. This would provide some degree of answers for your questions. Don’t be afraid to ask them, but first, build genuine relationships. Nobody wants to do business with a sleaze.

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