The Changing Perception of Beauty Through the Ages: Inspiration For Your Boudoir Sessions


I am writing this post today to kill two birds with one shot!

I want to give the lovely ladies an idea of how ephemeral and capricious the term “beauty” is. And I also want to provide some basic guidelines to readers on the verge of an eclectic boudoir shoot as to how different looks can be re-created for a “Through the Ages” theme!

Sounds exciting? Let’s dive right in! BuzzFeed’s recent post about “Ideal Body Types” had me thinking hard and this piece is the culmination of my musings! And yeah, if you don’t know what the heck I am rambling on about, this is the video that has caused quite a stir in the market.


Bobs and androgyny ruled. It was the age that gave birth to the concept of “Pe*** Envy.” Women had just secured the right to vote and they wanted to experience blessed freedom like never before. The sentiment was loud and clear: “Why Should Boys Have All the Fun?”

Beauty was a slim toned body and curves were not in fashion. If you wish to re-create the 20s scandalous glamour, get ready to go brazen! Bold flapper style dresses are a must. With plenty of gloss to accentuate that killer pout and kohl accentuated eyes. If you do not want to invest in a bob (and I do advise against it), you can pick up a really luxurious hair piece or even rent one to give your shots that authentic Coco Chanel look. And yes, girdles, girdles, girdles — don’t forget the girdles!


Ladies around the U.S. woke up from the fast paced haze of the twenties to reclaim their femininity. From the 1930s to the 1950s Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth and Harlow reigned supreme. They were the epitome of ‘chic and class’ and their influence spread far and wide.
Women started cherishing curves again but took care to ensure lithe arms since cleavage display halter tops were big in the fashion circuit and they attracted so much attention to the shoulders.

If you are looking to channel your favorite star of yore make sure you pay special attention to the hair. Soft brushed ringlets and even the peek-a-boo bang are great options. Remember this era stood for an aura of mystery. So props like elbow length gloves and eye masks are not off limits. Go over the top dear! You will enjoy it.


I love this look. It personally intrigues me to no end! The 70s saw the dominance of the flower power movement but the spaced out fashion was tempered with some structure in the form of billowing sleeves, micro minis, the bare washboard mid-riff and colorful floral prints with the first hint of paisley.Frames slender and tall became the accepted definition of marvelous. With Farah Fawcett style ‘big hair’.

If a boudoir session with some of the 70s glitter and chutzpah is your desire, you are in luck. We are seeing a resurgence of some of the path-breaking trends of the era. Go kinky Afro or traipse in chunky gold jewelry that leaves very little of the imagination.

All is fair!!


The late 80s and the early 90s ushered in the obsession with being fit. The super model era defined minimalism and elegance for whole generations to come. Buxom with a tiny waist, towering height and near perfect hips, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell wove the dream of cover girl glory and runway excitement for millions of girls all over the world.

These decades lend themselves extremely well to intimate photography sessions. Hoop earrings and charm bracelets paired with permed hair and distressed jeans can elevate your chic quotient sky-high. Just make sure that the sultry, smoldering, haughty look is down pat. That is your most important accessory.

I really hope that my tips have fired your imagination. And reinforced the notion that “Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder.” It is evident that the so-called experts and pundits can’t hold on to a single definition of perfection for even 10 years. And you really do not need to pay heed to their proclamations. Invent your own beauty ladies. And allow a boudoir session to capture it for posterity.

Much Love,


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