The Case for Hugs

For anyone who has been interacting with me through social media for any period of time, you have probably received more than your share of virtual hugs. Of course, if you interact with me on a personal basis, you most likely have been the recipient of the real thing. I don’t know why I am a hugger but I do know that there is nothing that I love more than sharing a good old fashion hug with everyone around me on a regular basis. And the other thing I know is that there is nothing that makes me feel better or makes me happier than a hug. So I decided to do a bit of personal research on this subject.

The first thing that I noticed is that those people who are my closest friends are also huggers. This is particularly important to me because it helps to cement the connection that we have made on other levels. If this is a family member or a personal friend, I want to be able to convey to each one of them how much I personally love and care about them. For those who are co-workers but with whom I don’t have much personal interaction on a daily basis, I think that a hug conveys that I think about them and care about them even if we can’t spend much time with each other. For those who might be on my team, either at work or in outside activities, I think a hug shared with everyone says thank you so very much for a job well done.

I don’t know of any other way that allows me to share how I feel about someone else better than a hug. The words, “thank you” or “I really appreciate” could never begin to express the emotions that can be conveyed with a hug. I know that a lot of people may think that a kiss is the ultimate way of saying, “I love you” to another person but I will never agree with that. A hug is just so much more spontaneous and freeing than a kiss and can be shared without any sexual connotation.

I tried to figure out why hugs are so important to me. I couldn’t help but wonder if I didn’t feel that kind of love when I was younger but I decided that it didn’t really matter. Finding the secret to letting those in my life who matter to me most know that they matter to me really only is important in the present. The past is in the past and I can’t change that so I want to just move forward and share my love and caring with others in the best way I know how.

I would love to start a hugging revolution. I would like for others to give a hug to someone who is special to them without saying a single word. I want for everyone to know that they can make a difference to someone else by giving of themselves and letting the love just flow. I wish everyone could feel the wonder of the energy that a hug shared gives not only to the person that you are hugging but also how it flows back to you. And don’t worry what someone else may think if you give him/her a hug. It really doesn’t matter because you will know that it is always more important to give rather than receive. But, once you make that initial contact, you just might be surprised how you can change the lives of others and your own as well.

And for all of my friends whose contact exists only in the social media world, for now, please know that if I am sending out hugs to you, you will know that I am sending you my love and caring and appreciation in my own unique way. For me, there is nothing better than sending and receiving hugs.

Hugs to all!


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