Why I Resolve To Be Glued To My Phone In 2017

Despite the fact that I knew the door handle to my downstairs loo was on the dodgy side, – its replacement was patiently sitting on the kitchen table awaiting installation, – a few months ago I used said loo, and locked the door. When I was ready to exit, I pulled out the pin that […]

Predicting The EdTech Trends Of 2017

The popularity of flexible learning seems likely to continue into 2017 with mobile-based apps such as EduMe used to deliver corporate training. 3. Virtual Reality Headsets for Classroom and Conferencing Technology A controversial topic, since many remain convinced that VR is overhyped, but it seems likely that 2017 will see further experimental use of virtual […]

Video: Might #AI Save, NOT Destroy Us?

For each episode of the series, I try to go out on the field and talk to everyday citizens about their most pressing questions to do with the topic we’re covering. In this case, a significant amount of people wanted to know if machines could behave ethically, think independently and critically, be used ethically.

Turning Data Into Meaningful, Empowering Digital Out Of Home Experiences

In fact, we can harness a vast range of data to contextualise OOH copy. There’s location data, and 3rd party data such as weather, social, transit, and news, plus brand owned data including pricing, stock levels, and retail stores. Through these layers of data, we can exploit the ‘Context Effect’ – providing dynamic, data-driven and […]

Be Food Smart When Shopping For Your Family

Industry, government and businesses all have a role to play in tackling childhood obesity. As part of the Childhood Obesity Plan, Public Health England has commenced working with the businesses that make and sell the food our children eat – both out of home and in – on reducing the amount of sugar found in […]

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