Proof That Michael Kors and Kate Hudson Know Each Other Very, Very Well

Kate Hudson takes on Michael Kors in the designer’s third installment of the Glamour Games, as they guess each other’s favorite things in a speedy round of the Fave Game. Kors has already gone head to head with models Gigi Hadid and Lily Aldridge, but in the latest round, Hudson proves just how much she knows the famous designer and makes us laugh along the way.

During each of the three rounds, Hudson and Kors must take turns describing their favorite things—from their favorite Sex and the City character to their favorite style icon—and it’s clear the two friends know just about everything about one another because it takes them almost no time to guess each favorite. In just under five seconds, Kors guesses Hudson’s favorite fashion trend: “I like things that suck in my tummy—like jeans,” she says as she points to her midsection. “High waisted!” Kors yells almost immediately. You have to see the adorable video to see what we mean.

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