Moving Forward Into 2017: Four Resolutions If You Are Grieving

As the New Year approaches, we reluctantly add one more year to the list of years spent without our loved one. Whether you lost your loved one in 2016, or many years ago, it is important to remember that where there was great love, there will also be deep grief. For every special moment you shared together, there will be many more moments of emptiness and longing for your loved one. Nostalgia is a part of grief that is a double-edged sword…remembering the love and happiness you shared ultimately brings the sharp pain of the void that is left in your life and in your heart without them. But no matter how painful it is remembering what you have lost, it is the love you shared that will eventually help you heal and enable you to move forward in your life and try to find some joy again.

H – Honor your pain and your loss

Give yourself permission to grieve regardless of how long it’s been since your loved one died. By honoring your loss, the unsettled emotions that are involved in your grief will become more manageable. Allow yourself to feel your loss and the emotions it brings. Remember the love you shared, and know that it is always with you. This love will always belong to you. This love can never be lost.

E – Engage actively in the process of healing

This process looks different for each of us. Start engaging in healing by becoming aware of any patterns of grieving that may keep you stuck in the pain. If you have inadvertently isolated yourself do your best to attempt to get back out among friends and family. They won’t necessarily understand what you’re going through, but they can still provide some companionship.

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