Move the Furniture!

Now, move the furniture! Move things around and open up the space. Try something new in action or response. Do something different and see what happens. Let the walls come down and go outside (this time, metaphorically.) Create small shifts – have a different conversation, play a game, tell a joke, reach out in a new way. Every small shift creates an expansive opening and freedom for everyone involved to try something new, different and better. This allows you to have more fun, more connection, more stability or more excitement. It creates the space for you to have more of whatever it is you crave and desire. Shift the “stuff” and break the chains of predetermination. Break the chain reaction of constancy. Whether you were aware of it or not, you once created this predictable “living room” your relationship is now residing in. And now, with a little conscious intention, you can quite easily free things up, redesign and enjoy your new home.

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