Mom Saves Letter For 20 Years To Give To Daughter On Her Wedding Day

When Brooke Zugg was just 18 months old, her adoptive mother wrote her a simple but sentimental letter that was to be saved and opened on her wedding day. 

On March 7, 2015 — more than 20 years later — that day came when Brooke tied the knot with now-husband Tyler Zugg in Natchez, Mississippi.

The Film Poets

Wedding videographers The Film Poets captured the incredibly moving moment when the bride finally read the words her parents Sherry and Craig Blackledge had written so many years ago. To make it even more special, the mother of the bride had the letter printed onto a piece of her own wedding dress and gave it to her daughter on the big day.

Courtesy of Brooke Zugg

“My mom had never mentioned the letter at all until the moment she gave it to me!” Brooke told The Huffington Post. “Talk about being surprised!”

In the video, Sherry explains, “Being adopted, I wanted her to know how much I loved her. And I thought it would be extremely precious when she opened it up and read it on her wedding day.”

You can read the text of the note below: 

Our Dear Little Baby Brooke,

“I lost it and began sobbing at this point, especially when I saw my daddy crying,” the bride told HuffPost. “There isn’t a word for the emotion I was feeling at this point. If someone could come up with a word that encompassed excited, humbled, speechless, joyful, shocked and genuinely loved, then that would be the word to use.” 

The Film Poets

The Film Poets

The newlyweds, who reside in Laurel, Mississippi, are expecting their first baby in January 2016.

“My mom’s letter has sparked the idea to go ahead and begin writing our baby letters to give him or her on their wedding day,” Brooke said. 

She is now in the process of having a shadow box made that includes the original letter and the piece of her mom’s dress to display in their home.

Watch the love-filled moment unfurl in the video above. 

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