Mississippi Man Turns Saucy Lyrics Into Dollar Menu Delight

A talented Mississippi man recently turned some saucy freestyle lyrics into a dollar menu delight at a fast-food restaurant.

“Ain’t got no big money, ain’t got them racks. What you got on the dollar menu, I don’t need a Big Mac,” 25-year-old Chase Carter sang into a drive-thru intercom at a Hattiesburg McDonalds late last month.

Carter (pictured below) told The Huffington Post he composed his soulful lyrics on the spot. The idea, he said, came about when he and best friend Michael Sykes made a pit stop after spending the afternoon putting in job applications.

“He was like, ‘Man you gotta get your talent out there bro,'” Carter explained. “I said, ‘That’s stupid, I ain’t doing that.’ He said, ‘Trust me,’ and it just went from there.”


Carter said the impromptu drive-by concert turned out “better than expected” and the reception he received by store employees made his day.

“They were going crazy,” he said. “A lady said, ‘Boy, you can sing. You better get in the studio.'”

Carter’s video has since gone viral and has been featured on Good Morning America and Mississippi’s WDAM-News.

“It’s a blessing,” Carter said of the exposure. “I didn’t expect it to get this far and I just thank God.”

Carter’s mother is a gospel singer and his father is a traveling musician. He has been producing and uploading music to Soundcloud in hopes of getting a big break.

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