Massive Fire at London Grenfell Tower

Massive Fire at  London Grenfell Tower

A massive fire ripped through a high rise apartment block in west London in the early hours today, police and fire services said. Six people have been confirmed dead after a huge fire raged through the night at a west London tower block, and police expect that number to rise.
Eyewitnesses described people trapped in the burning Grenfell Tower, in north Kensington, screaming for help and yelling for their children to be saved.
Firefighters rescued “large numbers”, but London Mayor Sadiq Khan said “a lot” of people were unaccounted for.
It is understood that “several hundred” people would have been in the block when the fire broke out shortly after midnight, most of them sleeping.
An emergency number has been set up on 0800 0961 233 for anyone concerned about friends or family.
Seventy-four people have received treatment in hospital. At least 20 are known to be in a critical condition.
By mid-morning, the building looked to be just smoking ruins but the fire has again taken hold, and cladding is falling to the ground.
Grenfell Tower, North Kensington having 120 flats, 24 storeys, 20 residential levels, 4 community/podium levels
and 2016 refurbishment completed.

Appeals are being made on social media for news of missing friends and relatives, who might have been caught in the blaze.
Emergency rest centres have opened for those now homeless at Latymer Community Centre, St Clement’s Church, Harrow Club and Rugby Portobello Trust. There are also local collections under way for spare clothes, toys, blankets and toiletries.
People are being advised by police to stay away from the area, where roads are closed.

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