Madonna’s Trainer Shares a Secret Juice Recipe and Healthy Tips

We all know the feeling when you take that spin class and the trainer loves life a little too much. Guilt immediately sets in while I think, “I’m an awful person, but I can’t stand how excited this person is.” Fitness artist Nicole Winhoffer has more energy than anyone I’ve ever met, yet I loved Every. Single. Second.

The NYC-born world-renowned dancer/trainer is real. She’s got the ambition, sassiness, and strength we all love about a true New Yorker with the kindness of a midwestern heart. Nicole’s authenticity is inspiring: you’d think it would be hard to chat with such a phenomenal athlete and have her understand that life exists outside of working out, but she gets it. She wants you to have fun, eat pizza, get drinks, and most importantly, always listen to a great playlist. But she also wants you to reconnect with those primal roots (aka your body), to feel again, to learn what makes you happy, and to prepare you for when shit gets real… Because just like life, Nicole’s workouts don’t stop.

Find out more on Nicole’s life philosophy as well as the recipe for her #LoveYourself juice on the Opening Ceremony website.

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