J.K. Rowling Reveals What Her Horcrux Would Be (If She Had To Make One)

Dear, sweet J.K. Rowling would never want to make a horcrux, of course.

The deed — if you remember from the Harry Potter book series — is accomplished through murder, which splits a wizard’s soul apart, allowing him to conceal a portion of it in an object of his choosing. Lord Voldemort, being a horrible git, created seven of them to achieve immortality. 

So, yes, Rowling would never want to make a horcrux. But if she did, we learned via Twitter on Friday, it’d probably be a tea bag.

Aww, Joanne. The author revealed her choice on the social media platform in a discussion with fans on tea-brewing. For the uncultured heathens non-Brits out there: Heat the kettle, not the mug. Add one tea bag per person, and one for the pot. Milk goes in last.

And never underestimate Rowling’s Twitter presence — she’s notoriously good at responding to fans. Especially if you’ve got a good pun.


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