iPhone 6s Rumours: Get Set for the Return of the Apple Queue

It’s almost that time of year again. Apple devotees will soon be forming the mile-long queues that we know and love. Armed with little more than a sleeping bag, waterproof jacket and flask of hot tea, they will brave the West End at night to be one of the first to get their hands on Apple’s newest offering. 

Following the cycle of previous years, the iPhone 6s (or possibly the iPhone 7) should hit the shelves in September. A leaked email suggests the new iPhone will go on sale on 25 September, with pre-orders accepted from the 18 September. 

So what new features can we expect from the next version? Possibly something called Force Touch, which means the way we control the phone via the touch screen will change. 

Essentially, the screen would be able to differentiate between a light tap and a long press. Force Touch technology could also allow for a plethora of new apps – think piano playing with the keys making different sounds according to how hard you press. 

Some observers reckon this press-sensitive screen could one day kill off the home button altogether.

Further changes to the screen may include near-indestructable Sapphire glass, featured in the Apple Watch, and which was broadly expected to come with the iPhone 6, but didn’t materialise.

And on that subject, the rumour mill suggests Touch ID fingerprint technology could also be refined to reduce reading errors. That would make sense given that Apple Pay is now changing the way we pay.

Back in April, Apple selected Samsung to develop its new processors for the next iPhones. This unlikely partnership should result in the A9 processor that should mean better performance, especially when paired with iOS 9, including a low-power mode to preserve precious battery life. 

Compare the iPhone 6s to its older sibling and internal changes should be plentiful but, as for the phone’s overall appearance, it will probably be identical to the iPhone 6. No surprises there as ‘S’ versions tend to be the same externally, but with upgrades to technology and performance.

If rumours are to be believed, the new iPhone will probably have a similar resolution to the 6, and will be available with either a 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch display. 

But Apple may well be broadening the colour selection. It is rumoured that the new iPhone will be available in a rose gold hue, or even in a vibrant pink colour with a white face – not a far cry from the rainbow colourways of the iPhone 5C.

The rumourmill also suggests that Apple has put in a record order or 85-90 million phones this year, compared to last year’s 70-80 million. They must be confident that we will love the new iPhone, whatever its name.

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