India Election Results 2014, Live India election result 2014 Live on news89

Lok Sabha Election 2014 Results

563 million people have cast their votes in the Indian elections with exit polls predicting a huge victory for Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party

India Election Results 2014, Live India election result 2014 Live on news89
India Election Results 2014, Live India election result 2014 Live on news89


India’s general election, which starts on 7 April, will be the largest vote ever held. About 814,500,000 people will have a ballot, and around 20% of these will be eligible for the first time. Turnout has traditionally been in the region of 55%.

So vast is the democratic exercise that it will require around 5 million people to conduct the procedure, and as many again to police it. The electoral commission has a stated ambition that no voter should have to travel more than 2km to a polling station, and nor should any one station serve more than 1,500 voters.

The election takes place in nine phases, over a period of six weeks. Voting starts in the remote hills and valleys of the far north-east before moving into central upland areas and then broadly shifting further west and south.

Some of the medium-sized states hold polls in all constituencies on the same day, but the bigger states like Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh are spread over five or more days. Jammu and Kashmir, with six constituencies in total, takes five separate days, to allow the security forces to concentrate their efforts on one constituency at a time.

Live Results India Election 2014


Gandhi behind in his own constituency

Counting has only been going for an hour and a half but Reuters report that the count has already indicated a “resounding victory” for Narendra Modi and the BJP. They also report that Rahul Gandhi is behind in his own constituency of Amethi.

Early returns showed Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its allies leading in 208 parliamentary seats. The ruling Congress party alliance was ahead in just 70, according to NDTV news.

Modi was ahead in both of the constituencies he contested – in Vadodara in his home state of Gujarat and in the Hindu holy city of Varanasi.

Rahul Gandhi, who led the Congress campaign, was lagging in the constituency where he stood for election. A loss there would spell disaster for the great grandson of India’s independence leader and cast the political future of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty into serious doubt.

If early trends are confirmed the BJP and its allies would win an absolute majority of more than 272 seats in the lower house of parliament, bearing out the findings of exit polls.

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