I Have A Chronic Health Condition. This Is What Happened When I Put My Body On Instagram.

This post originally appeared on Bustle.
By Courtney Mina

Body positivity is finally flourishing, thanks in part to the online community of women (and men) who are starting to not only love their bodies, but to show them off with confidence. But what about the women who have big legs? As the size acceptance movement has grown, plus size women with big bellies and thick butts have been proudly selfie-ing it up all over social media, but for women with lipedema like myself, there has yet to be much of an outlet for expression.

I have always had big legs. After I hit puberty, I noticed that my stems began to develop abnormally large. I’m not just talking thick thighs, but properly big calves and ankles as well. Having been around plus size women my whole life, I knew my proportions were uncharacteristically large. What was even odder to me, however, was that no matter what I did, I couldn’t get rid of them.

Come high school, I developed an eating disorder (something I’ve since realized isn’t uncommon for most young fat girls who are taught to feel shame and hate about their bodies). I would wake up, skip breakfast, go to school, drink a diet soda at lunchtime with a tiny, homemade, low fat muffin, walk home (which was pretty far), and only eat a small dinner. I ended up going from a size 20/22 to a 14/16 in only a few months, but only from my belly, back, boobs, and face. My legs remained the same size, and after years of shaming myself, I decided to simply accept that this was how I was made.

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