HuffPost What’s Working Honor Roll: We May Finally Have An Ebola Vaccine That Works

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Wired: At Last, An Ebola Vaccine That Might Actually Work  

Ebola shook the world in 2014, when what started as a mild outbreak in West Africa turned into an international epidemic. The epidemic is now contained, but the virus has yet to be eradicated. But the end may be closer than previously thought.

A group of researchers from several organizations, including Doctors Without Borders and the World Health Organization, are currently testing a preliminary vaccine in Guinea. The 2,014 patients who have received it have remained Ebola-free even after exposure to the virus. The result have been so favorable that rather than separating patients into two testing groups for receiving that vaccine at different times, researchers are giving the vaccine to every subject immediately. 

Rebecca Grais, director of research at Epicentre — a division of Doctors Without Borders — is optimistic about the vaccine’s potential. “This is the only vaccine where we have efficacy data,” Grais told Wired.

Health officials involved in the research have recommended distributing the vaccine where the disease is still active — namely, in Guinea and Sierra Leone. 

“Even if the efficacy were significantly lower than 100 percent, it would still be worth using,” Grais said.


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