How to Finally Stop Comparing Your Style to Others

If you examine some of the current internet vernacular, it’s indicative of a culture that’s become hyper aware of the “other,” while simultaneously increasing focus on the self. Whether you’re using the hashtag #humblebrag to poke fun at all the rampant social media boasting, or the acronym FOMO to reference the feeling of being acutely cognisant of all the fun you’re missing out on, it’s clear to this editor that social comparisons are at an all time high. I’m no stranger to the uncomfortable, yet addicting nature of measuring your life against another’s. Especially in fashion, where appearances are a major part of the industry, it’s very easy to scroll through Instagram and feel that your closet, your style, and essentially your entire self is inadequate. Just like kicking any bad habit, there are a few steps we can take to stop playing keeping up with the Joneses, or in our case, keeping up with the Palermos, Chungs, and Delevingnes of the fashion world.

Scroll down to learn how to finally quit the comparison game—I promise you’ll ultimately be happier!

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