How to choose a wedding ring

“Whilst it is nice to have a wedding ring that complements the engagement ring, don’t worry if you choose a wedding ring that does not perfectly match your engagement ring,” says Boodles director James Amos. “They are two separate rings for two separate reasons and sometimes it is good to be able to see the distinction.”

It’s also important to consider how the wedding band sits with your engagement ring. “I would always recommend choosing a wedding ring that is a similar width to the band of the engagement ring as you want it to be noticed but not to dominate,” says Amos. If the engagement ring has a very large central stone then this may cause a gap between it and the band, in which case it’s worth considering a shaped band or one which interlocks with the stone. Adds Amos: “You also might want to think ahead (sorry chaps) and leave room for an eternity ring”.

From then on, it’s a matter of taste – plain or diamond-set, classic or contemporary, timeless or a little unusual? To help with the search, we round up some of the best wedding rings to suit all styles and budgets.


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