How Amy Schumer’s ‘Trainwreck’ Wardrobe Made Her Even Funnier

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When you saw summer’s hottest movie, “Trainwreck,” you may not have noticed how much Amy Schumer’s wardrobe affected your experience of the film — but it probably did. Everything from her slightly inappropriate work attire to that gold mini skirt in the opening scene and her low-cut baby shower dress was the work of costume designer Leesa Evans, who set the tone with her wardrobe choices.

We chatted with Evans, who is also responsible for the brilliant wardrobes in films like “Bridesmaids,” “Neighbors” and “22 Jump Street,” and found out which scene was the hardest to dress, how she feels about the some-odd 40 outfits that got edited out of the film, and much more. 

On why Amy Schumer’s character was always in outfits that were a little too short:

“It really was to show the girl that doesn’t have it all together. She doesn’t realize what she’s doing. She’s kind of throwing it together and has skewed her personal and professional lives together. She stays out too late and she has 10 minutes to get dressed and she runs to the office, and maybe it’s a skirt that she would normally wear out to a bar or to a club, but instead she’s wearing it to work with a blazer — the lines were blurred.”

Mary Cybulski for Universal Pictures

“When they edited the film, you’d be surprised at how many things get cut out. For instance, Amy’s character, during the course of shooting, probably had 80 outfits. But when we actually start shooting, we don’t know which things are going to be in or out and when they start the editing process, you’re probably down to 40 outfits or 50 outfits. You lose a lot of things, but then the story works better — and you don’t necessarily regret it, but you miss it. There were a bunch of date outfits that I loved that showed [Schumer’s character and Bill Hader’s character] falling in love and there was some sweetness in some of those pieces and I’m like, ‘Oh I forgot, those weren’t in anymore and I loved those.'”

Mary Cybulski for Universal Pictures

Mary Cybulski for Universal Pictures


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