Here’s How Kristin Cavallari Avoids a Winter Cold

There’s no denying that Kristin Cavallari is super healthy (just look at her enviable figure—with three kids no less). So when it comes to clean-eating and living tips, when the former reality star-turned-lifestyle guru talks, we sit back and listen. Given that we’re in peak cold and flu season, we recently asked her for some best practices to avoid getting sick, because, let’s be real, nothing is worse than enduring the holidays face-deep in a box of Kleenex.

“I swear by essential oils—they’re the first thing I grab when my kids feel a cold coming on,” said Cavallari, who partnered with Young Living for the beauty brand’s holiday pop-up shop in downtown New York City. “Lavender in particular is very calming and relaxing. I put it on everyone’s feet—mine, my husband’s, my kids’—because it absorbs quicker.” Here, she shares her specially-devised “immune-boosting blend” for curing the common cold.

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Here’s to a sneeze-free winter.

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