fuels spike in demand due to lockdown for Humsafar’s diesel-at-doorstep service

fuels spike in demand due to lockdown for Humsafar’s diesel-at-doorstep service

Hospitals, farmers, housing societies among biggest takers
Coming to the rescue of hospitals, farmers, housing societies and hotels amid the lockdown is Humsafar, which delivers diesel at the doorstep.

Sanya Goel, founder and Director of Humsafar, said the demand from bulk and stationed equipment users has increased since the lockdown began, mainly from hospitals, housing societies and those engaged in farming.

Earlier, Humsafar was selling 30,000-40,000 litre a day, of which 10 per cent catered to essential services. Now, it is selling 15,000 litres a day to essential services alone. In a month, of 12 lakh litres, 1 lakh went to essential services; this has now risen to 5 lakh litres.
“In normal times this fuel is more expensive, but now we have waived delivery charges,” said Nishit Goel, adding that the cost of the diesel it delivers is the same as at retail outlets at present. Various petroleum companies and start-ups have also recently launched diesel-at-doorstep services, including ‘Fuelkart’ by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL).
How does it work?
Humsafar has tied up with Indian Oil Corporation and BPCL, whose dealers work as its channel partners, explained Nishit Goel. Earlier, there was a minimum order requirement of 100 litre of diesel, but now the oil companies including IndiaOil have relaxed it owing to the lockdown, he added.
“It is a safe and easy to use diesel delivery service and ensures hassle-free supply of fuel to end-users by avoiding unnecessary fuel spillage, unsafe handling of fuel in containers/barrels and pilferage,” he said.

Once the customer places the order, the requirement and details are forwarded to the closest bowser (delivery truck) to ensure swift delivery.

The delivery vehicles are PESO-approved. Humsafar ensures live tracking of the vehicle, automated billing, delivery within eight hours and zero spillage/wastage of fuel, said Sanya Goel. The organisation has 12 mobile dispensing bowsers with capacities varying from 4 to 6 kilolitre and a team of 35 people excluding bowser crew, she added.

“The fuel delivery vehicle equipped with a mobile fuel dispenser remains locked till it reaches the location where it has to deliver the fuel, preventing adulteration, pilferage and spillage,” she said.

Eyes on safety
“After receiving the order from the customer, the mobile dispenser reaches the destination and the dispensing commences through automation in the designated location (geofenced area). The fuel dispenser is equipped with fire extinguishers and safety cones among others for demarcation of the delivery area. Diesel is delivered at the day’s running price including taxes applicable in the State,” said Nishit Goel.

Apart from Delhi, Samridhi has introduced its diesel doorstep service in NCR, including Panipat, Karnal, Gurugram, Manesar and Rewari, with plans to expand pan India.

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