Freshen Up Your Over-the-Knee Boots With This Styling Trick

If we had to declare a boot style as the one biggest hit as of the past few months, we would easily say it’s the over-the-knee boot. It feels like we can hardly go a day without spotting a style star in a pair, but we’re totally okay with that. We are loving how many ridiculously good outfits our favorite celebs are wearing with the style. We understand why—they’re totally seasonally appropriate, and throwing on a high-heeled pair makes you feel instantly glamorous.

Still, we worry about the look getting worn out. That’s why in 2017 we’re excited to see more creative over-the-knee-boot styling, rather than the typical skinny jeans combination or even the popular lampshading look.

Well, thanks to one major blogger, the inspiration begins right now. We recently spotted blogger Blair Eadie at a John Hardy event in an ensemble that styled the boots in a very unexpected way. She actually let the boots and a simple black miniskirt take the back seat to the rest of her outfit so that her Brandon Maxwell statement sleeve blouse could shine. She also added a forest Mansur Gavriel circle bag for a pop of color. If this outfit is any indication, over-the-knee boots are finally passing the peak of their trend and settling into being categorized as more of a wardrobe staple. We still love them, but we are definitely intrigued by where their styling will go come the New Year.

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