‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Gets a Suspenseful New Trailer

Who doesn’t love a bit of a soft-core female-oriented smut? Well, not everyone I guess, but the trailers are fun to watch at least, even if they’re as cringe-worthy as they are unsexy. After dropping the latest full-length trailer for Fifty Shades Darker early in December, we’re now treated (tempted? tantalized?) to a shorter TV spot that is no less suspenseful.

The short skips the reconciliation backstory (we all know the drill – on-again, off-again couple) and this time focuses on the crazy ex-girlfriend plotline (also familiar with that one). Things are getting steamy – quite literally, although who showers fully-clothed? – as well as scary.

Fifty Shades Darker hits theaters on February 10, and in case you missed it check out the previous full-length trailer below.

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