Dr. Peter Gregory: Go Out of Your Comfort Zone and Don’t Be Afraid of Repetition

This is part of the #CareerAdvice series – featuring successful professionals who share their advice to people who would want to take their career to the next level.

In the past Career Advice series, we’ve interviewed people from various walks of life and industries and had a peek at their adventures and how they started. Today, I was fortunate to interview someone from the medical industry and get a glimpse of how he started and what constantly motivates him.

Dr Peter Gregory, Owner Medical Director of Sound Vascular

Dr. Peter Gregory, Owner Medical Director of Sound Vascular, where they perform minimally invasive procedures to restore vascular health. Under the leadership of Dr Peter Gregory, a team of compassionate and highly accomplished medical practitioners all of whom have strong backgrounds in radiology and surgery, work tirelessly to treat common disease processes such as varicose veins and arterial disease of the legs, carotid arteries, and of the aorta. Dr. Gregory has always had an interest in helping people and fixing problems by combining time-tested strategies as well as the latest technology.

“I still take delight in being the one who could always reset the clock settings on the new-fangled family VCR back in the 1980’s. My parents like to tell stories of sending me out to work on the neighbors’ digital dilemmas as well. “

His father was a cardiologist and growing up observing his father’s work, he was also inspired to follow in his footsteps and this set him on his path towards medicine.

After 8 years of college and medical school and further training with lots of hospital work of residency and fellowship, he went on to spend another 5 years of specialized training and eventually settled on treating vascular disease utilizing minimally invasive catheter based medicine.

“Being able to correct complex vascular problems with nothing more than an IV placement, a couple drops of blood loss, and a simple Band-Aid at the end of a successful procedure really was quite appealing. Of course, all of the cool x-ray and ultrasound technology and the fancy catheters, wires, and balloons appealed to my tech side. “

Dr. Peter Gregory advises young people to surround themselves with strong mentors who are compassionate about what they do and to master what they teach before adding a personal touch or two.

“Find something that excites you and is valuable to society and master it. Work tirelessly and keep the long run in sight; I’ve found that the ability to appreciate delayed gratification is essential for success. “

He also comments on going outside of your comfort;

“Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone. Growth is not possible without doing so.”

Dr. Gregory is the epitome of commitment, consistency and dedication to duty. He takes pride in his work and he strives to adapt in his methods. He never gets too comfortable in one setting and he’s always learning different approaches to the same problem and learning what works best. He also advises young ones not to get bored with repetition as repetition is the mother of all learning.

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