DCW bats for removal of child lock in taxis for safety of women

DCW bats for removal of child lock in taxis for safety of women

The Delhi Commission for Women has recommended private taxi operators to disable the facility of child lock in cabs after taking suo moto cognizance of the possibility of an increase in crime against women due to the same. The DCW sent a notice to transport department to ensure compliance.

DCW chairperson Swati Maliwal said that if a female passenger is travelling alone and the cab driver activates the child lock, she won’t be able to open the door from inside, thereby making her susceptible to a crime against her.

She suggested the department to issue guidelines for removing child lock in cabs, as well as putting stickers in the rear seat and back door, warning the passenger to check and unlock the child lock before starting the journey.

Replying to the summons sent by DCW, Special Commissioner (Transport Department) replied that child lock in cars is a safety feature and such a recommendation will come under the jurisdiction of the Central Road and Transportation Ministry. He assured that the matter issued by DCW will be put up before the Central Road and Transportation Ministry.

Meanwhile, Maliwal stated that a woman should feel safe while travelling in a cab. “The DCW is working towards making cab journeys safer. If the child lock is activated a passenger cannot open the door from inside even if they wished to. This increases the possibility of a crime. The commission is also working towards getting the child lock disabled in cabs,” she added.

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