Cricketer Mohammad Kaif Trolled On Twitter For Doing Surya Namaskar

Cricketer Mohammad Kaif Trolled On Twitter For Doing Surya Namaskar

Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif became the latest target of Twitter trolls after he posted photos of himself doing the Surya Namaskar.

Kaif, who often shares health and fitness tips on the social micro-blogging site, endorsed the yoga pose as a complete workout for the physical system.

However, this tweet of the 36-year-old clearly didn’t go down well with some of his fans and followers, who accused him of defying the traditions of Islam.

“Surya namashkar is adverse our culture society and traditions of islam.why are you posting a controversial statement.”

“surya namaskar is 100% prohibited in islam we cant down our before anyone except allah its requirement of iman bro”

“kabi namaaz padne ki pics lagaai ?? (Have you ever uploaded a picture of yourself reading the namaaz)”

Despite the criticism, the former India U-19 captain refused to back down and informed his detractors that a physical exercise had nothing to do with religion.

Not so long ago, pacer Mohammed Shami was attacked by people with a similar mindset over a Facebook photo of his wife Hasin Jahan and his daughter.

The 26-year-old was viciously trolled, with some even abusing him for the the outfit of his wife. Shami was reminded of his religion, with some even asking why Hasin Jahan was not wearing a hijab.

At the time, Kaif was one of the first public personalities to come out in support of Shami.

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