Heartbleed bug find triggers OpenSSL security advisory

Is that website you are Transaction is really Secure???? Heartbleed flaw is found in OpenSSL, which is a software library used for the protection and security of millions of websites, was uncovered by Neel Mehta of Google Security, who first reported it to the OpenSSL team, triggering Monday’s release of a fix for the bug […]

Microsoft’s ‘mathematically incorrect ad’ shows Surface 2 can’t calculate vacation budget!

In an embarrassing ‘hi-tech device gone mathematically incorrect situation’, Microsoft’s new Surface 2 billboard shows a miscalculated budget plan for a Hawaii vacation, even after the use of Excel. The various numbers for the vacation were run through Surface 2’s Excel for addition, which produced an incorrect answer. According to Cnet, Microsoft’s corporate vice president […]

Japan: World’s first talking robot astronaut set to go to space

Japan is set to send the world’s first talking robot-astronaut to space. Yorichika Nishijima, the Kirobo project manager – named after “kibo” or hope in Japanese and “robot – said in Tokyo that Russia was the first to travel outer space, the US was the first to reach moon, but they wanted Japan to the […]

Apple TV a grand vision, area of great interest: CEO

Washington: After computers, Apple is now eyeing to take the TV market by storm following a hint by CEO Tim Cook who said that the company maintains ” a very grand vision” of improving the already experimented Apple TV. Cook said that the television experience today is just the same as it was 10 to […]

Improve your Memory by Green Tea : Study

Chemicals found in green tea can boost your memory and learning skills, a new study has found. Researchers from the Third Military Medical University, Chongqing, China found that chemical properties of green tea affect the generation of brain cells, providing benefits for memory and spatial learning. Scientists said it has long been believed that drinking […]

Neil Armstrong dies aged 82: Hero all the time

Neil Armstrong, who famously took a giant leap for mankind when he descended the ladder of Apollo 11’s Eagle lander and set boot on the moon, has died. He was 82. Armstrong was a humble man. He was bemused by the fame that came with his achievement, proclaimed himself no more than a “nerdy engineer” […]