ZTE’s Axon Elite Smartphone Can Be Unlocked Using Your Eyes, Voice and Fingerprints

ZTE’s Axon Elite Smartphone Can Be Unlocked Using Your Eyes, Voice and Fingerprints

The Axon Elite is the world’s first smartphone that can be unlocked using just your eyes. China’s telecommunications firm ZTE unveiled its latest mobile phone, which also has voice and fingerprint recognition, on Thursday at the IFA tech conference. Its eye scanning tech is (at least on paper) its most attractive feature, given that most […]

Microsoft HoloLens Gadget Review

Microsoft HoloLens Gadget  Review

<h3>We went hands-on (or eyes-on) with Microsoft’s alternative to virtual reality; HoloLens. </h3><strong>HoloLens release date: TBC</strong> When it was unveiled earlier this year, HoloLens was lauded as one of the most exciting and innovative things to come out of Microsoft in years. We saw examples of how it would work in the home: projecting video […]

Website name booking in Hindi proposed from Aug 15 for Rs 350.

(Zeal Web Technologies) New Delhi : Individuals of companies which are interested in owning a website with domain name in Hindi language would be able to book the name in Hindi script from next month. “Domain (website) name booking in Hindi script is proposed to be launched from August 15 subject to approval from higher authorities. […]

Flash back to 1988… and Microsoft Windows 2.1

Think back to 1988 when Microsoft Windows 2.1 was released and came with… multitasking. Something to be grateful for, huh? Bet you can’t even imagine life without it. And thanks to 2.1, the way was paved for 3.0 and wide-spread Windows popularity. Oh, what a long way Microsoft has come from this vibrant and user-friendly […]

5 Low-Budget Smartphones With Android

BANGALORE: The handset market is on its peak with alluring offers on low-budget Smartphones running on the latest version of Android 4.4Kit-Kat. The latest version is quiet enhanced than the previous 4.3 Jellybeans and has lot in store to offer the best. Kit-Kat is the 10th version of Android for the mobiles by Google. Equipped […]

The IT Talent Problem

Way back in 2000, just before the dot-com bust, I wrote a weekly column for CIO magazine, and I spent months covering “the technology workforce crisis.” The big issue was the cap that the U.S. government had put on H‑1B visas and the strong need that companies had for developers and other technologists. Then along […]