Sony PS-HX500 Gadget

What is the Sony PS-HX500? This innocuous-looking record player has one thing that makes it stand out from the vinyl-spinning crowd – a Hi-Res Audio logo. Yes, the Sony PS-HX500 will take your vinyl and feed the tunes to your computer to be saved as glorious high-resolution files. So very 2016. That trick aside, this […]

T+A G 2000 R MC Gadget

What is the T+A G 2000 R MC? The G 2000 R may well be the ultimate plug-and-play turntable. German audio specialist T+A (Theory + Application) has crafted a high-end record player that requires the minimum of fuss, thanks to a built-in phono stage and some first-rate components from Clearaudio pre-fitted at the business end. […]

Pro-Ject 6 Perspex SB Gadget

What is the Pro-Ject 6 Perspex SB? The 6 Perspex has been a mid-range mainstay of the Pro-Ject turntable lineup for many years, and now it’s been upgraded with a new motor unit. In addition to the immense Perspex plinth that gives this record player its name, a suspended sub-chassis design, and Pro-Ject’s renowned 9cc […]

Rega RP8 Gadget

What is the Rega RP8? This high-end turntable doesn’t mark a change in Rega’s design philosophy, but does make some concession to the idea that expensive kit shouldn’t just sound different; it should look different too. The RP8’s plinth is constructed from a high-tech sandwich that sticks with Rega founder Roy Gandy’s aim for ultimate […]

Pro-Ject Elemental Gadget

What is the Pro-Ject Elemental? The Elemental is the entry point to Pro-Ject’s vast range of great-value turntables. But it defies everything you’d expect of a model from the budget end of the market, with curvaceous design and a respectable cartridge. This isn’t quite a plug-and-play solution, since it doesn’t have a built-in phono stage, […]

Kindle (2016) Gadget

What is the Kindle (2016)? Eager to get an e-reader, but want to save some cash and so aren’t fussed about fancy additions? The budget Kindle (2016) from Amazon might be the perfect way to move on from your dusty collection of hardbacks. Amazon’s bottom-of-the-range e-reader lacks features such a high-resolution display and the backlight […]

DJI Mavic Pro Gadget

Hands-on with DJI’s new foldable drone GoPro and DJI are going head-to-head in the foldable, compact drone stakes with their competing Karma and Mavic Pro drones. Both drones have many aspects that will make them compelling prospects to both seasoned pilots and newcomers wanting to take their video and photography to new heights – literally. […]

Parrot Disco Gadget

Taking Parrot’s fixed-wing drone to the skies of Kempton Park Racecourse We first laid eyes on Parrot’s fixed-wing Disco drone way back at CES, but we’ve had to wait with bated breath until now to actually take one to the skies. I got a chance to pilot the Disco at Kempton Park Racecourse and boy […]