Earth Day 2013: World’s 10 most enchanting forests

Monday, April 22 is Earth Day, an annual event to raise awareness about the environment and its conservation. So, in time to celebrate this day, a leading online travel adviser has compiled a list of the ten most enchanting forests from around the world. 1. Crooked Forest, Poland  Taking top honours is Poland’s Crooked Forest […]

Parents of 18-month-old baby suffering from hydrocephalus pray for `miracle`

A desperate Indian father whose young child suffers from a condition that caused her head to swell up to an enormous size said he is praying for a “miracle” to save her life. Eighteen-month-old Roona Begum was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, in which cerebrospinal fluid builds up in the brain, just weeks after her birth in […]

Want to lose weight? Avoid these foods

Every food that we eat has different nutritional value in our body. While some foods can do wonder in shedding those unwanted fats, some of them can help you add those much-needed pounds in no time. Here are some foods that you should avoid while on a diet: Sugar: Sugar is the main culprit that makes […]

Blood test can help identify trauma patient’s death risk

Doctors can now easily identify trauma patients who are at a greatest risk of death using a simple, inexpensive blood test, according to researchers at Intermountain Medical Center in Salt Lake City. The Intermountain Medical Center research study of more than 9,500 patients discovered that some trauma patients are up to 58 times more likely […]

10 Crazy Things to do before You Die

The world is too wonderful a place to miss out on. In order to live life completely, there are some things that you must experience before you die. The true experience of life is only on the extremes. Read on to know more about the ten crazy things that you must do before you kick […]