Carrie Fisher’s Daughter Will Take Custody Of Her Dog

Gary the French bulldog was always at Carrie’s side

The world has been mourning Carrie Fisher’s death since it was announced on December 27.

Fans of the actress will know that her beloved French bulldog, Gary, accompanied her everywhere, including to interviews and press calls, and were no doubt wondering who’d be taking care of him now he’s lost his human.

Carrie and Gary on Good Morning America

According to TMZ, custody of Gary will go to Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd, best known for her role as Chanel #3 in Scream Queens.

Lourd, 24, is the daughter of Fisher and her ex partner, talent agent Bryan Lourd. Tragically, her maternal grandmother Debbie Reynolds passed away from a stroke the day after Fisher, who’s survived by her brother Todd, 58, and half-sisters Joely, 49, and Tricia Leigh, 48.

TMZ reported that Lourd already has a French bulldog named Tina who gets on well with Gary, but she wants to “make sure the two get along in the long term and she’s able to handle the added responsibility”.

Gary had become something of a celebrity in his own right thanks to a fan-run Twitter account, which posted heartbreaking messages in the wake of Fisher’s, 60, and Reynolds’, 84, deaths.

The person running the account posted a message clarifying that they weren’t affiliated with Fisher or her family, but simply a fan feeling “the grief most of you have felt”.

We’re sending our best wishes to all Fisher’s family and friends.

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