Can Technology Solve Climate Change?

Does the technology sector take the climate crisis seriously?

But even within the technology sector, there are serious questions to be asked about whether the climate challenge is prioritised as much as it should be. During the Web Summit you could, of course, find isolated events related to climate change and energy, and those tech solutions we need to be discussing if we are to overcome the climate challenge. But it was very much dominated by more trendsetting topics, such as automation, including driverless vehicles, disruptive technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and so on. But one could very reasonably argue that the climate challenge should have its own stage at such events. Then at least we would know that the technology sector takes the challenge seriously. It is a challenge in which this sector should be playing a key role. Despite the lack of focus in this area, many I met at the event agreed that it should play a much bigger role, and many were equally frustrated that it did not. Many of those were young people, who have entered the technology sector or were planning to enter because they are so deeply concerned about the climate crisis.

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