Do we want that ‘old India’ where scams existed

Do we want that ‘old India’ where scams existed

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday replied to the motion of thanks on the President’s Address’ in the Rajya Sabha. Speaking in the Upper House, Modi said it is after long that a government with full majority won once again with a full majority. In this mandate, we see wish from the people for stability. Infact, this trend of stable governments is being seen in many states as well.

Slamming the Congress party and questions being raised on the electoral process, PM Modi said, “Did India lose in Wayanad? Did India lose in Rae Bareli? Did India lose in Trivandrum, what about Amethi? What kind of argument is this? If Congress loses then does that mean India lost? There is a limit to arrogance. Congress could not win a single seat in 17 states.”

“I was saddened when some leaders said the BJP and allies won the elections but the country lost and democracy lost. These statements are really unfortunate. Why should we question the decision of voters?”
PM Modi spoke on EVM issue and questions being raised on the electoral process. The Prime Minister said that there was a time when we (BJP) was limited to 2-4 seats in the Lok Sabha but we never lose faith and confidence in ourselves. We never blamed that due to this or that reason, or booth capture, we lost the election.”

We raised confidence among our cadres, workers, did hard work and finally achieved what we wanted.

But people look for excuses when they don’t have confidence in themselves. These people don’t want to accept their failure and the fact that they have lost. These are the people who look for excuses like EVMs and others.

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